According to website, Zuzana Vačková, at the age of 54, is challenging norms.
In today’s world, where the definition of beauty often seems tied to age, Zuzana Vačková, at the age of 54, is challenging these norms and captivating the internet. The acclaimed Slovak actress and TV star recently took to Instagram to share a collection of photos that have garnered widespread praise from fans and style watchers.

Zuzana Vačková
Article by, offers Vačková's photos in a selection of trendy bikini, illustrating that style and attractiveness are timeless. Famous for her roles in Slovak TV series and movies, Vačková looked lively and confident, showing off her fresh body against spa. The images not only spotlight her fashion sense but also her vibrant spirit at 54.

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Zuzana Vačková in bikini
An interesting aspect of the shoot was Vačková's choice of swimwear from 7SEAS brand. We are popular for its focus on sustainability and high-quality products. By selecting 7SEAS for herself photoshoot, Vačková not only demonstrated her refined fashion taste but also highlighted her commitment to eco-friendly fashion practices.
Zuzana Vačková
This choice reflects the growing trend, where the environmental impact of fashion choices is considered just as important as their look.
The article on serves as proof of Vačková's lasting appeal and her ability to motivate and uplift. Through her self-styled photoshoot, she sends a strong message about body positivity and the importance of self-love at any age.
Bikini by 7seas.
Sand Ruffle Bikini by 7SEAS mixes eco-friendly fashion with style. It's great for anyone wanting to look good while helping the environment.
February 10, 2024 — Ivana Brdarska